The Top 10 Import Countries (2nd part)

The Top 10 Import Countries (2nd part)

5. France

France recovered very quickly after the economic recession. It imports mostly equipment and machinery, crude oil, plastics, chemicals, aircraft, and vehicles. Also, it is one of the largest domestic markets in the world.

4. Japan

Japan has a lack of natural resources and because of that, they have to rely on the import of goods. After the United States and the European Union, it is a third importer of agricultural products in the world. Besides that, it imports fishery products and fish, petroleum, clothing, liquid natural gas, semiconductors, visual and audio equipment, and coal. Their main import partner is China.

3. Germany

Germany doesn’t have a lot of raw materials and sources but it is a highly developed country in matters of economy. Germany imports machinery, vehicles, data processing equipment, chemicals, metals, gas, oils, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture goods. Their main partner is China.

2. China

With its growing economy and more than billion people, China imports goods such as electrical and all other machinery, mineral fuels, oil, medical, optical equipment, and chemicals. Their main partner is Japan.

1. USA

usaThe United State imports goods such as consumer and capital, industrial, oil, vehicles and parts for machines and computers. Also, they import beverages and food, although they have the greatest national market in the world. Their main partner is China.

Actually, these are the top five importers in the world. As seen in the data, China is probably the main partner of most of the importers. That is why the most of the tags say “Made in China” and that is not some of the newest information. It just shows how China has progressed in the last decade and continues to do so. However, the USA is the largest importer when it comes to importing goods, especially when it comes to oil.